Original jute rope (Pink color,6.0mm×300m in roll,Untreated) [NW-JUPK60300R]

Original jute rope (Pink color,6.0mm×300m in roll,Untreated) [NW-JUPK60300R]

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weight: 5600g

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NAWAYA's special rope

Started selling pink ropes dyed from jute hemp thread.
The color may change depending on the production lot.

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This rope is not treated. Let's make YOUR own "ASANAWA"

■ Color:  Pink

■ Thickness:  dia.6.0mm
   Our rope has just the right thickness and twist for easy handling.
   Diameters subject to change upon use.
   (Actualsize : 6.0mm±0.1)

■ Length:  300m (approximately)

■ Material:  Jute 100%
   We use high-quality Indian jute.

■ Dyeing:  Pink

■ Grade:  Best

■ Process:  None

■ Fuzz:  None

■ Finishing:  None

※ use horse oil or beeswax for maintenance

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