We strive to ship your order as promptly as possible from the time it is received.
This shipping method involves a complex relationship between the Japanese postal service, your country's postal service, shipping companies, and others.

After shipment, we will notify you with a delivery number and tracking URL, but tracking of the package becomes unavailable once it departs and until it arrives at your country's customs. (Typically, tracking becomes available after arriving in your country.)

We do not have access to the cargo ship's schedule. In most cases, there may be delays in arrival due to stops at ports in other countries.

For delivery to South Korea, China, and Taiwan, it may arrive relatively quickly. However, for deliveries to other regions, it is estimated to take approximately 2-3 months.

Furthermore, delays or non-arrival may occur due to regional conflicts, piracy, accidents, infectious diseases, canal traffic conditions, container shortages, port congestion, weather conditions, robberies, thefts, fires, and other factors.

If you choose sea transport, please be aware of the above risks in advance, and note that we will not provide information on the situation when inquired.

Once we hand over the products to the carrier, the transaction is considered completed, and we will not compensate for any damages.

If you wish to receive your products more quickly and reliably, we recommend using the one-stop service of DHL.