FUROSHIKI(Two way・scarlet/yellow) [642218-55017]

FUROSHIKI(Two way・scarlet/yellow) [642218-55017]

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■Japanese tradition "FUROSHIKI"

How do you carry ropes ?
Are you using a plastic bag ? it's disappointment.

we recommend you using "Furoshiki".
"Furosihiki"is one of the typical Japanese traditional wrapping textile.
from ancient time,we use this kind of textile to carry.

"FUROSHIKI" is just square textile,
but the packing techniques have inherited generation to generation amoung Japanese.
we can pack and carry anything that we want.
if you use this "FUROSHIKI",it helps making good atmosphere,and make you specialist.


rayon 100%

10 piece of "ASANAWA"
Fix price 2,500 JPY(not including sales tax)

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