Shibari jute rope (Red color 7m*6mm type) [NW-AS1RE0607]

Shibari jute rope (Red color 7m*6mm type) [NW-AS1RE0607]

Our Selling Price: 2,940JPY

weight: 160g


Item Information

Beautiful red "ASANAWA"

Most Japanese who enjoy "SHIBARI" purchase natural colord rope followed by red rope.

It'a a very popular color for "Jyoryu-Kinbakushi" and  "Ukete" 

※Jyoryu-Kinbakushi (female binding masters)
※Ukete (women who are bound)

■ Color:  Natural

■ Thickness:  dia.6mm
   Our rope has just the right thickness and twist for easy handling.

■ Length:  7m

■ Material:  Jute 100%
    We use high-quality Indian jute.

■ Dyeing:  Red
   This rope is dyed with special techunique. Fine fastness,the color keeps good color long time.

■ Grade:  Best

■ Process:  4process

■ Fuzz:  Buring with gas

■ Finishing:  Beeswax

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