Shibari Jute rope (Natural color 7m*6mm type) [NW-AS1KI0607]

Shibari Jute rope (Natural color 7m*6mm type) [NW-AS1KI0607]

Our Selling Price: 2,205JPY

weight: 160g


Item Information

■ NAWAYA's special rope
This is our "ASANAWA" widely used from beginners to advanced.
For both foreigners and Japanese 6mm type is the most widely used thickness.
Also 5mm type and 7mm type are available.
Plese choose according to use and physique.
We carefully selected the materials and tanned the "ASANAWA" based on our own experiense for bondage.
Our Jute comes from India, and "ASANAWA" is manufactured in Japan.
Although it feels a little fazzy at first the more you use it, the tmoother it becomes.
Please nurture your own "ASANAWA"
■ Recommend:  Hajime Kinoko, Mr.Kitagawa(owner of salon K2)
■ Color:  Natural
■ Thickness:  dia.6mm
   Our rope has just the right thickness and twist for easy handling.
■ Length:  7m (approximately)
■ Material:  Jute 100%
   We use high-quality Indian jute.
■ Dyeing:  None
■ Grade:  Best
■ Process:  4process
■ Fuzz:  buring with gas
■ Finishing:  Original beeswax
※ use horse oil or beeswax for maintenance

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